Lesson 7—Markdown, liquid and njk

In this section, we will learn:


By default, in 11ty, the default .html extensions is parsed by Liquid tempalte engine.

Liquid template has either .liquid extension or reuse .html extension.

Njk template

Njk template has extension .njk

It is similar to Liquid.

Basic of Markdown

Markdown was first introduced by John Gruber to express content in plain text. It is an opposite of Markup language, that’s why it is called markdown. We can express headings, bold, emphasis, list in markdown. These are the common content structure when writing an article.

Markdown has extension .md

Sometimes, we may find that markdown formatting is not enough. We can write HTML for those content. The purpose is markdown was not to replace HTML. It was to express common styles without the need to write Markup language.

When we write in plain text, markdown formatting allows us to stay in the flow without distraction by the Markup syntax.