Beginning 11ty and Netlify Static Site

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About this course

In this course, we learn JAM stack by using 11ty and Netlify hosting.

There are three components in JAM Stack, Markup, JavaScript and API.

JAM stack and beyond
JAM Stack

In the first part of the course, we will focus on the Markup part of the JAM stack.

We will use static site generator 11ty to create our pie generated website.

In part 2, we will extend the site by using Netlify hosting. It provides several essential server-side functions. By using different services and their APIs, we can make our site dynamic. Then in part 3, we will use JavaScript to further enhance our use of the APIs and services.

This course is in early stage

This course is currently in early stage drafting. The content is now a dump of my static-site in-person course. Please expect a complete re-writing for all content.

About Makzan

Thomas Mak, a.k.a. Makzan, runs Web Technologies skill competitions. The students he trained has won international awards in web and design area, including gold, silver and bronze medals in WorldSkills.

Makzan also wrote 5 books, including Flash Multi-player World, HTML5 Games Development and Beginning Git Version Control.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me via chat.